Technology Creative Core is a bi-national company located in the borderland region of El Paso, TX USA and Juarez Chih, Mexico. Dedicated to the creation of products and technology for some emerging markets and essential human areas of activity:

  • 3D Printing (Technology, Machines, and Services)
  • Agriculture (Hydroponic Green Houses)
  • Industrial Automation (IoT for Industry 4.0, Smart Harness testing boards)
  • Software, Firmware, and Electronics (Product Design and Manufacturing)

In addition:

  • Home Automation (Mobile Smart Tinny House and Shipping Container Homes) Industrial Automation (IoT for Industry 4.0, Smart Harness testing boards)
  • Aluminum Extrusion, Aluminum Extrusion kits and accessories Home Automation (Mobile Smart Tinny Houses)
  • Education (Interactive Learning Software Applications)
  • Health (Cyber-Medicine/Tele-Medicine)

Our infrastructure includes R&D and Design teams/facilities in the USA, Mexico and India, low volume fabrication in the USA and High volume manufacturing in Mexico.

We are dynamically building and executing strategic alliances with the region academic ecosystem to enhance our internal R&D and design capabilities.

Technology Creative Core, keeps a core of highly skilled engineers that work in conjunction with external individuals and partner organizations with domain knowledge in our market portfolios blending our technologies and skills to materialize products and services.

We are continuously looking for additional business and financial alliances with individuals and organization willing to contribute and profit from these basic humanity essential areas.