Why a Greenhouse?

In the past decade, technology has been evolving in a very remarkable way, making human life easier and comfortable. Within this technological improvements are all the smart devices develop to be used for home, industry, transportation and agriculture. One of these activities it is vital for our lifestyle because through it humans recollect a significant part of its food. Even thou, some efforts to implement and develop new technologies in Mexico, agriculture has been unappreciated by technology flow. However, agriculture provides a very large field to implement technology, like greenhouses.

Nowadays greenhouses are a very important practice upon its operation methods and strategies, just as the automation systems ( irrigation, collection, seeding, nutrient management, among others). For this and other characteristics, greenhouses provide solutions to the lack of land and adverse climatic conditions.

Greenhouses had proven that could improve the quality of agriculture products, and reduce expenses of production, reason why in the past 25 years the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) has shown particular interest to research and develop some prototypes that will lead them to produce food outside the earth. These greenhouses prototypes are completely automated, that no human control is required. One of these prototypes is the “Greenhouse II/NASA3”. Greenhouses settlements can be found all over the world, like in Netherlands that greenhouse agriculture provides 80% of its agriculture products, also greenhouses can be found in the United States of America, England, Israel, and even though here in México.